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Using a universal love of music and the magic of a scientific breakthrough, Sounds Like Me quickly and accurately provides deep insights into the personality traits of anyone who interacts with the platform. Having taken the fun 15-minute survey individuals are then able to discover the strengths of their personality, better their relationships, improve their life opportunities and unlock their potential.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Businesses…

1. Enhancing Creativity of Writers and Producers

There is the view that AI and Machine Learning can and will completely replace human writers and producers. It’s an interesting debate depending on which side of the fence you sit.

The fundamental misunderstanding is that AI is not here to replace musicians.

AI can and has been producing songs for some time. In fact 1957 was the very first time. The question is do AI songs pass the quality test. …

The sudden change to a rather rosy industry outlook forced artists, writers’, labels, publishers and promoters to look harder at the business than maybe they ever had. I have scoured the articles over the last 3 months and found what I believe will be the top 9 changes Covid will make to the music industry.

1. Non-Subscription Digital Revenues are important

With Live revenues drying up overnight, many indie artists looked to the other potential revenue streams such as subscription streaming and were not impressed. …

Update: 5 June 2020

  • June 3 - Hipgnosis gave an unaudited trading update to the London Stock Exchange that sent its stock price up 6.6% today to 113.50 pence, representing a market cap valuation of £699m (approximately $880m)

Don’t have time to go through the 80 page Goldman Sachs “Music in the Air” report. Don’t worry we have summarised the main points for you here in a 4 minute read.

  • Total global record industry net/wholesale revenues will reach $20.8bn this year.
  • Up 3%, or $600m, on the $20.2bn wholesale figure the record industry generated in 2019.
  • BUT down by 8% — or by $1.8bn — on the Goldman’s prior forecast ($22.6bn) for this year.
  • Goldman’s 2020 forecast reduction due to the expected negative impact of COVID-19 on record business income streams like licensing, physical sales and streaming ad…

It has been great to see the Australian owned and produced Emanate music platform making great strides ahead this week. A lot of hard work and visionary thinking has gone into building the music platform of the future. But before we get into the detail on Emanate, it’s important to summarise the recent events and marketplace that new services such as Emanate now find themselves.

Before the COVID lockdowns the music industry had been ticking along at a fine pace. The streaming services had been providing strong growth, live revenues were good, and the M&A activities globally were fostering investment…

Suppose I subscribe to Spotify and only stream MY OWN songs for the whole year (painful as that would be).

Spotify just earned $120 from myself, and let’s assume will pay out 50% ($60) of that amount back to my distributor. My distributor will take 20% and then pay me the rest ($48) right? ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

Big chance I will get close to zero depending on how many times I streamed my songs. While this is an extreme example, it illustrates the point of what currently is becoming a big issue for the music industry.

Currently the way that the…

On the back of the article on YouTube and Billboard charts today, it’s worth noting that the Music Industry has been tying itself in knots on how to calculate an album chart in the age of streaming for some time.

Is it time simply to say goodbye and look for a new way to measure an artist’s relevance on a weekly basis? Simply put …. RIP Album Chart.

There are many issues with the current calculation. …

Gavin Parry

Partner at Palisady Asia Pacific, Music Investment and Digital Advisory, Ex Sony Music Asia Pacific Exec Vice President, Ex Chairman ARIA Digital Committee

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